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About Gem City Spirits

it is all about great liquid!

Housed is an electric train depot built in the 1800’s in Frankfort, IN, Gem City Spirits develops brands that are high in quality, but gentle on the pocket book. Comprised of experts in brand development, marketing, logistics and the legal field, we have the expertise to bring spirit brands to market quickly and effectively.

Gem City Spirits is proud to be part of the small, but growing, Indiana distillery market.  We take great pride, like all Hoosiers do, in creating a great product at a great price.

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great grains

Indiana farmers produce the best corn in the world.  We use the best grains possible and our Big Gub Bourbon is produced from corn sourced only from Indiana farmers.

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Quality Water

Indiana is known for limestone, just look at the many buildings that have been built with Indiana limestone.  That is the same limestone  that produces the great water we use.

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Great product

Whether you like vodka or bourbon, whiskey or moonshine, Gem City Spirits takes great pride in making exceptional products for every budget!

Our Gallery

We love sharing pictures of our product, employees, events, and customers.  Feel free to share your pictures with us.

Our Team

Gem City Spirits is made up of a dedicated team with a single mission, to make the best tasting spirits at a great price.  Experts in operations, marketing, branding, legal and logisitics, we can bring products to market quickly.

Richard bucheri

Richard bucheri


Brian Post

Brian Post

Director of Operations

Matthew Kappus

Matthew Kappus

Compliance Officer

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By Appointment


By Appointment





359 North Main Street
Frankfort, IN 46041

Great Juice at a Great Price!

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